Ten Reasons To Come To Kuwait

Thinking of shifting over to Kuwait or just visiting the country? Kuwait is considered more liberal than other Gulf countries and it isn’t just for expats but even the locals are a lot different from other countries in the region. Here are ten reasons why Kuwait is an excellent place to start a new life.

The Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar actually has a high valuation as opposed to many other currencies in the world. In fact, it is almost equal to $3 and this is where the money can start making sense. When markets are doing well, you can stand to earn a hefty sum provided you send some remittance back home. Kuwaiti also is kitchen appliance keen; and all cafes boast appliances such as food processors, juicers, toaster ovens and more!

Expats Are Welcome

Expats come into the country mostly as employees but many can even start a business here. One of the best parts of working in the country is that you ned not pay any tax when taking your monthly paycheck! This is amazing considering that Kuwait currently ranks at the 5th position in terms of GDP per capita.

Government Takes Care of All

Being a rich nation, your medical amenities, medicines and such care infrastructure is free for all residents in the country.

The Best Chocolates

Nothing can grow in the arid desert of Kuwait. The dry geography makes it impossible to grow fruits or vegetables and thus everything is imported in. Thanks to the immense wealth built on oil, the country need not control imports. This allows it to procure some excellent quality food items. The chocolates for instance are the best in the world.

Fast Food and Food

Almost all global fast food chains have spread across the length and breadth of Kuwait so you really won’t miss the food you so love in your country. One more thing though, the taste of fast food chains in Kuwait is a lot richer. By the way, Kuwaitis are big foodies so you will find all kinds of cuisines starting from Lebanese, Indian, Continental to Chinese.

Shopping Malls and Complexes

There are several malls and shopping complexes spread throughout Kuwait and they all feature the best luxury brands and big international names. Shopping is something that public engages in on a regular basis and if you get tired of the same the mall can be an excellent place to while away time too.

Large Expat Population

With nearly 69% of the total population of Kuwait being composed of expats, you really are never alone. You will find associations, forums and folks with interests similar to yours. Socializing is the preferred way to wind down on weekends.

Kuwaiti Summers

Called the start of barbecue and beach season, Kuwaiti summers are best known for their beach extravaganzas. But remember, this is nothing like the beach activities out west. No bikinis! Kuwait is advanced as compared to its siblings but still very conservative. What you will find along the beaches though is plenty of makeshift tents, women with their abaya and hijab on, men in full traditional garb and all enjoying water sports, boat rides, fishing and more.

Kuwaiti Winters

In the winters you can visit the outdoors, experience the desert with hunting trips, camping trips, buggy rides and even hiking.

Bakala For All

Probably the most convenient feature of the country is that every residential building has a grocery store below it. These mini grocery stores are called Bakala and you can find almost all the things you need with them in case you forget to get something from the supermarkets.

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