How to survive a Kuwaiti Summer and have fun

The winters will fade away eventually and for those who find Kuwaiti Summers a difficult time to pass, here are a few pointers.

Enjoy The Roads

Kuwait is known for its unyielding long traffic jams but if you visit during the summer months, the roads are often empty and available for long rides. Rent a car, so long as your country’s license is acceptable and go for those long drives along its many cities and beaches.

Hobby and Groups

Be it ice skating or playing the guitar – there are plenty of groups, communities and associations spread across the length and breadth of the country. You can play cards, game with the online gamer’s community or find some other indoor activity to engage in.

Scratch a few off the To-Do List

Make a to-do list for your office or work and continuously work towards finishing them off one at a time. Whether it be finishing paperwork, meeting a new client, repainting the office walls or organizing your desk. The sooner you finish things in the office the quicker you get organized and have more time to have fun.

Take Up A Remodelling Gig

Why don’t you remodel your home or apartment? Now you need not go crazy with the entire place but you can pick a room for the summer that you plan to repaint, redecorate, and change the look.

Go To New Places

Haven’t visited a specific mall? Maybe there is a new café or restaurant you would like to try out. Take a tour of the various offerings in the city and take a gamble trying a new cuisine or place.

Visit Neighbouring Countries

Take a weekend off and extend the vacation by couple of days. This will allow you to visit neighbouring countries. Take a trip down to Bahrain and enjoy the change in climate, culture and offerings.


For a country with desert and nothing much else, there are pristine beaches where you can go for a swim. You will also find lots of pools that you can swim at.

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