Kuwaitis And Their Pre-History Lifestyle

According to prominent historians and professors, Kuwaitis have lived since 8000 years ago. The time to be exact was 4600 BC and the location was the Al Subbiya desert. Actually, it was the seashore adjacent to the desert that has uncovered indisputable evidence of settlements on Kuwaiti soil.

Back then most settlements were semi-nomadic. These groups would not stay long in a single location and grew what they could on semi-arid regions while collecting sea snails as a daily diet supplement. Historians call this era the Arabian Neolithic. A specific culture was prevalent around this time that is referred to as Ubaid culture and it deals more with permanent settlements with irrigation agriculture and a complex economy too. The Ubaidians also made weapons and tools from copper.

It is the Ubaid culture from which settlers in ancient Kuwait came from and along with them they brought technology and knowhow to the region. The Ubaid culture in fact is seen as the last of all pre-urban civilization in the Near East. The culture that dispossessed the Ubaidians gave way to the paving of the first cities in the region. They also gave us the first writings, bureaucracy and architecture too.

As evidence of all this, archaeologists have uncovered several relevant articles such as Ubaidian pottery, copper tools and more. They coincide with similar discoveries made across Qatar, Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The Ubaidians also happened to be the first sailors in the region.

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