Kuwait Culture to Sponsor Science Fair

Kuwait Culture will be holding a Science Fair and Competition open to all Columbia District high schools and trade schools. The theme of the competition is “GPS/GIS :Practical Applications and Potential Usage”. Clearly, it is geared towards the discovery of possible applications for the technology which Kuwait Culture espouses and strongly supports.

And since this is a Science Fair, there will be exhibitors from all of the participating schools, and their presentations will be judged by representatives from Kuwait Culture. The best entry will be given a trophy, cash prizes for the students and a cash grant for the winning school. The overall winners will receive $1000 in cash, while the school they represent will receive $2500 cash grant. This could be used to purchase new laboratory equipment for the school’s science lab.

The judges for this year’s competition will include the top bosses at Kuwait Culture. Dr. Geoff Clayton will lead the judging committee, while Dr. Amy Strahan and Dr. Mila Tytang will be the other members. Judging will be on the following criteria: Originality, 50%, Innovativeness 30%, Practicality 20%. The decision of the board of judges will be deemed final.

Apart from the student’s exhibits, there will also be a showcase of professional exhibits from companies such as Mirador Wealth Management sponsoring this event. Here they will be able to showcase their latest discoveries, products, concepts and prototypes for the public to see. They hope to inspire the students to keep working on their dream, Never stop asking questions, because this is the best way to new discoveries-by having an open mind on things, and never allowing any barrier to stop them from making their own big discoveries.

“We invite everyone to participate and pick up something from the fair,” Dr. Clayton states in an interview with CNN. “We are trying to wake up the interest of the young scientist, because in the near future, it will be they, who will continue what we have started at Kuwait Culture. In effect, this is us passing the torch to the next generation, and we start training them while they are still young,” adds Dr. Clayton.

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