Kuwait City among the best cities to live in the Middle East

In a recent survey conducted across the Middle East and most of North Africa, Kuwait City came out as a clear winner along with ten others as the best cities to live in. The survey culminated in a ranking chart with the top ten cities made public to the world by Bayt publications. In Kuwait City, the survey concluded that nearly 40% of their respondents were happy to live in their choice of residence and that 19% were extremely satisfied. The rankings took a lot more than respondent findings into account though. The final ranking draws equal points from environmental, economic, socio-cultural, entrepreneurship and economic factors.

Economic Front

The fact that jobs are easily available in Kuwait City depending on your specialization is what puts the city ahead of the rest. In fact, nearly 75% of participants believed that availability of job is the number one economic requirement for a city to be welcoming. After work, comes housing and then pricing of daily necessities with career growth taking up final place.

Likewise, it is also believed that availability of health insurance and social security plays just as important a role like any other. Wage protection, termination rights, end of service benefits also make an appearance. Nearly 40% of respondents believed that Kuwait City had decent social security systems and health insurance with decent vacation allowance and wage protection too.

Social Factors

Such factors take into account the society and culture of the city. It looks at the behaviour of local residents with immigrants and all forms of interactions. Naturally, lower the crime rate and more effective the law enforcement, higher the rating. Kuwait City scores a decent rating in this regards thanks to its low crime rate and streamlined law enforcement practices.

As for sports, culture, recreation and arts the respondents did not take these social factors seriously and called them “not important”. Nevertheless, Kuwait City scored well in terms of outdoor, sporting activities as well as family-friendly activities.

Entrepreneurship Factors

Affordability of fees and taxes, how easy it is to start a business and getting financial aid for existing businesses falls under this class of factors. Kuwait City survey came out rather well with 60% feeling taxes were nominal and it was easy to start any business in the city.

You can read more on the Bayt survey of the top ten cities to live in the Middle East for more details.

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