Arabic Language Day – Let’s see the origins of the language

An integral part of understanding Arabs is to understand their language. One key aspect of any language is the root or the origin. December 18th is officially designated as UN Arabic Language Day. The day was recognized to promote the use of Arabic and multilingualism throughout the UN. An interesting piece of trivia, this date […]


Between Two Wives – Experiences of Polygamy

Just recently, Hussain Ali Lootah published his first novel titled, “Between Two Wives” and his key intention was not to discuss the issue or topic of polygamy rather simply to share the experience of an individual in such a relationship. Polygamy in Kuwait is on a decline according to recent research. In fact, the younger […]


Publicly accepted dress code in Kuwait

Let’s first begin with the national dress code. Saudi Arabia has it and so do many other middle eastern countries but Kuwait does not have any compulsory Islamic dress code. However, Kuwaiti men often prefer wearing the thwab, which happens to be an ankle-length cotton shirt – usually white in color. Women on the other […]


Founding of Modern Kuwait

The year was 1613 when the town of Kuwait was founded. This town was established on the current location of Kuwait City and initially it was controlled by the Bani Khalid clan. Back then though the town was primarily a fishing village. As the eighteenth century came around, Kuwait grew rapidly as a commercial centre […]

Iraq Invades Kuwait

The Oldest Fingerprints Ever

Kuwaitis And Their Pre-History Lifestyle


How to survive a Kuwaiti Summer and have fun

The winters will fade away eventually and for those who find Kuwaiti Summers a difficult time to pass, here are a few pointers. Enjoy The Roads Kuwait is known for its unyielding long traffic jams but if you visit during the summer months, the roads are often empty and available for long rides. Rent a […]

Ten Reasons To Come To Kuwait

Kuwait City among the best cities to live in the Middle East

Living In Kuwait – The Tale of An American Woman


The Kafala System And Rights Group

Also spelled as kefala system, the term literally translates to sponsorship system. This is a practice mostly prevalent throughout the middle east. Under the system migrant laborers need a sponsor who is a local of the country, in order to enter the country on a work visa and ply their trade. The practice happens to […]


New Deal With China To Build Hospitals

Ahmadi and Jahra governorates will soon inaugurate a hospital each with capacity for 600 beds. This is a deal with China Metallurgical Group Corporation or MCC, which the Health Insurance Company of Kuwait (Daman) penned down just recently. The deal is reported to be worth $530.85 million and the hospitals will help to serve all […]

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